Arts Education

Mahendra Kumar

Grant Period: Over one year

For customised animation workshops for schoolchildren and adults geared towards training future professional animators. The workshops are expected to generate a set of short animation films.

Centre for the Study of Culture and Society

Grant Period: Over two years

For developing innovative syllabi and introducing new curricula and fresh pedagogical practices in cultural studies through certificate courses, workshops, conferences, consultations and lectures. The project will also generate a database that will contribute towards mapping the field of cultural studies.

G. Raghav

Grant Period: Over one year

For research into three professional art schools in Bangalore, exploring the distinct modes of communication adopted by teachers in the classroom, and critically assessing Karnataka’s arts education policy. Apart from facilitating arts-related workshops and seminar presentations, research findings are expected to lead to a book on art pedagogy.

Kala Academy

Grant Period: Over two years

For establishing a research cell at the School of Drama, Kala Academy, to field-test existing syllabi for theatre in schools in Goa. The School will also develop its own curriculum and short-term training programmes for theatre teachers, apart from a manual on theatre pedagogy.

Pragat Shikshan Sanstha

Grant Period: Over two years

For developing and implementing, in collaboration with the Rewachand Bhojwani Academy, Pune, an arts programme that would lead to an arts education curriculum. Besides introducing students to local culture via the arts through a series of workshops, the programme seeks to make an impact on the staff and parents as well.

Radhika Khanna

Grant Period: Over one year

For an assessment of perspectives on arts education, reflected in the syllabi and teaching practices of a range of schools and a teacher-training institute in New Delhi. The study will attempt to uncover significant aspects of arts education policy and highlight efforts towards enlightened arts pedagogy and better evaluation mechanisms.