Vimor Handloom Foundation

Grant Period: Over nine months

For researching and documenting the history and unique weaving technique of the Molkalmuru sari from the Chitradurga district of Northern Karnataka. The documentation is expected to facilitate the revival and marketing of simplified versions of the sari.

Centre for the Study of Culture and Society

Grant Period: Over two years

For developing an innovative, online graduate-level programme in cultural studies in collaboration with Kuvempu University. By designing new curricula, developing textbooks, organising workshops and offering online courses, the Centre will build new links with research and teaching institutions.

K S Nagarajan

Grant Period: Two years

For setting up a multi-indexed and computerised database of Carnatic music compositions, lyricists and composers.

Attakkalari Public Charitable Trust of Contemporary Performing Arts

Grant Period: Over three years

For developing and implementing a Dance-In-Education programme in Bangalore schools. The programme will introduce students from diverse economic and social backgrounds to contemporary dance and movement arts, train dance teachers and help develop a dance education curriculum.

Sharada Srinivasan

Grant Period: Over two years

For a study on the cultural and artistic significance of metallurgy in Indian antiquity, that would integrate technical, archaeological and art-historical perspectives. Archival research and fieldwork combined with photographic and video documentation will provide material for a book and lead to a script for a documentary film series.


Grant Period: Over six months

For the dissemination of the collaborative work of visual artist C.F. John, dancer/choreographer Tripura Kashyap and photographer/visual artist T.M. Azis in the form of two art events: a photo-exhibition and a half-hour performance around a well, and an installation/performance in an art gallery.

T Pankajaksha

Grant Period: Over one year

For the completion of a manuscript and publication of a sourcebook in Kannada on important sculptural traditions in south India. The book is expected to reach sculptors across rural Karnataka through innovative dissemination strategies.


Grant Period: Over two months

For a four-day meeting that focuses on the presentation and discussion of collaborative arts projects. Bringing together artists from different disciplines and regions, the meeting aims to trigger reflections on the processes, possibilities and challenges of collaboration in the arts while also generating suggestions for future support.

Centre for the Study of Culture and Society

Grant Period: Over two years

For developing innovative syllabi and introducing new curricula and fresh pedagogical practices in cultural studies through certificate courses, workshops, conferences, consultations and lectures. The project will also generate a database that will contribute towards mapping the field of cultural studies.


Grant Period: Over ten months

For the second stage of collaboration among a visual artist, a dancer/choreographer and a photographer/visual artist, leading to two installation/performances in Bangalore—around an open well, and in an art gallery. A travelling exhibition, a book and a commentary on the collaborative process are expected to emerge from the project.