Abhishek Majumdar

Grant Period: Over eight months

For a series of workshop processes conducted by a theatre group to explore and create a methodology of physical alphabets for theatre. The workshops will experiment with nonverbal explorations of textual themes and integrate them in the process of theatre-making. The outcome will be a detailed documentation of the processes that includes everyday rehearsal notes, photographs and audio-visual material.

George Mathen

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For a graphic novel, an exhibition and an animation film, each conceived from a different perspective, developed on the concept of a futuristic city that embodies a perfect marriage between religion, politics and big business serving the consumerist dream. Instead of panels, the graphic novel will have single-page illustrations with no text.

Tejaswini Niranjana

Grant Period: Over nine months

For an inter-disciplinary collaborative work towards creating a musical cartography of Mumbai. Tracing the emergence of a distinct pedagogy and public engagement with music, the project seeks to understand the trajectory of Hindustani music in Mumbai through the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, especially through a study of the city’s built spaces and neighbourhoods. The outcome will include a workshop, an exhibition and a few performances.

Saji Kadampattil

Grant Period: Over seven months

For a performance piece based on research into the life of the Malayalam poet Kadamanitta Ramakrishnan Nair, and into the ritual performance form of Kerala called Padayani. Essentially a musical, the performance will also combine elements of theatre and visual arts in creating a multidimensional artistic experience.

Anitha Balachandran

Grant Period: Over one year

For a series of short animation films based on the life and music of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. The project explores early sound recording technology and the artist's life within that techno-social moment in history. The project will result in animation works and installations that combine archival material with pieces of obsolete technology such as old cameras and gramophone players.

Geeta Ramanujam

Grant Period: Over one year

For a series of workshops for children in and around Bangalore by a storytelling team comprising a teacher, a craft specialist and an administrator. The project will connect storytelling to other creative activities, demonstrate alternative ways of looking at learning, and initiate a plan to establish a resource centre for storytelling and allied activities.

Gitanjali Sarangan

Grant Period: Over nine months

For the creation of an inclusive programme for thirty pupils of the Puttenahalli Government School and their community, which will make use of creative interventions to build awareness about the environment and water conservation in their neighbourhood.

Navin Thomas

Grant Period: Over one year

For a book-making project tentatively titled ‘Bangalore Photo City: Lost and Found’, which reconstructs a ‘found’ history of 1960s-80s Bangalore drawing upon 2,00,000 photo negatives salvaged from a scrap yard. The negatives will also be digitized and hosted on a suitable server to make them publicly accessible for future research or artistic work.

Saji Kadampattil

Grant Period: Over seven Months

For research into the poetry of Malayalam poet Kadamanitta Ramakrishnan and the ritual folk performance form, Padayani, towards the creation of a new performance work. The resulting performance will try to combine Kadamanitta’s lyrics, the rhythms and theatrical expressions of Padayani—which the poet often used to accentuate and embellish his public performances—with the sound of rock, reggae and the blues.

Bengaluru Artist Residency One

Grant Period: Over six months

For a three-month residency programme for emerging Indian artists from an extended field of arts practice, towards nurturing collaborations and collective exchange. Six artists from diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds will spend between six weeks and three months at the BAR1 studios in Bangalore, developing individual pieces of art work and interacting with fellow artists. A public event showcasing the artists’ work in progress will be held at the end of the residency.