IFA publishes a Quarterly Newsletter that keeps readers up to date on what's happening in the IFA arts community through news about IFA grants, projects and initiatives, upcoming performances or presentations by IFA grantees, updates from within the organisation and a short interview showcasing the work of one IFA grantee each issue.

IFA also publishes an Annual Report, which is a succinct narrative of all IFA activities including our grant making programmes and events, with an annual financial report.

Beyond the Proscenium

Other work published by IFA includes:

In 2010, IFA's Theatre Infrastructure Cell published a collection of essays and interviews that underscore experimental perspectives on performance spaces and the unconventional artistic experiences generated. The book is titled: “Beyond the Proscenium: Reimagining the Space for Performance” and contains interviews with Astaad Deboo and Bansi Kaul, along with essays by Lokendra Arambam, Pushan Kripalani, and Anjum Katyal. 

Edited by Anmol Vellani, the book tracks how performing artists and performance projects have contested the almost ubiquitous proscenium stage- its aesthetics, its conventions and its politics.

In 2012, IFA published “Embroidering Futures: Repurposing the Kantha” a book that documents how the kantha has traveled from humble homes where they were repurposed duvets and bed linen to shops and boutiques where           today they are sold as expensive works of art. This book traces this journey of the kantha from its origins to its current avatar, through the narrations and recollections of collectors, inheritors, designers and producers of this unique   piece of embroidered cloth.

From 2008 to 2013, IFA published ArtConnect, a leading magazine on the arts in India. Articles featured in each issue included contributions from prominent writers, artists and scholars, and offered perspectives on contemporary and traditional artistic practices, exploring unique and often-overlooked areas in the arts.

ArtConnect Ramayan Edition

ArtConnect’s breadth of coverage extends from articles on Writing and Cosmopolitanism to Violence in Kannada Cinema; from the experimental performances of Astaad Deboo to an investigation of the forgotten lives and songs of the Tawaifs in Benaras; from insightful thoughts on contemporary Hindi poetry to the state of arts education across India.

We have discontinued the publication of ArtConnect, with our last issue, Volume 7 Number 2. Excitingly for all you readers out there however, back issues and special editions are available for purchase at a discounted rate. For any queries regarding our publications, please write to