Sumana Chandrashekar

Programme Executive: Arts Practice

Sumana Chandrashekar looks after the Arts Practice programme, along with Shubham Roy Choudhury.

Sumana is a performing Carnatic vocalist and a ghatam player. After doing a Masters in Economics and a post-graduate diploma in Journalism, she pursued an interest in civil services only to quickly forsake it to do what she loved most – work in the arts. She earlier wrote music reviews for leading publications. 

With a keen interest in music education, Sumana has been part of the core team that designed the music education component of ‘Kali-Kalisu’, an arts education teacher training initiative that involved government school teachers across the state of Karnataka. Since then, she has been conducting music and sound workshops for teacher-educators, trainee teachers and children. She has put together the music/sound module of the arts education resource book for D.Ed pre-service teachers and teacher educators in Karnataka. She has also presented papers on music and music education and has performed in India and abroad. 

Sumana is currently researching the ghatam and is working with the ghatam makers in Tamilnadu. An avowed wanderlust and a wildlife enthusiast, she believes that it is the journey that gives meaning to the destination.