Sanjay Kak

Grant Period: Over one year

For research on press photography as an emerging artistic practice in Kashmir. He will work with a remarkable generation of contemporary photojournalists, in an excavation of this cultural phenomenon, as it chronicles twenty-five years of endemic conflict in the valley.

Gangadhara Naik

Grant Period: over ten months

For designing a series of workshops for the sixth grade students of the Government Higher Primary School, Gandhinagar, on appreciating the forms of poetry known as Chutuku, Kathana and Ashaya.

Sahana P

Grant Period: over one year

For support towards workshops engaging with the medium of street theatre, to sharpen the students’ thinking about their contexts, and build social and self-management skills. She will work with eighty students, from standards eighth to tenth, of the Sardar Patel Memorial Higher Secondary and High School in Hospet, Bangalore. 

Nirmala Ravindran

Grant Period: Over one year

For the building of a pedagogy through theatre practice re-interpreting existing stories, as well as creating new ones, from the perspective of a child. This project will be undertaken with the children of the Government Primary School in Siddapura-Tubrahalli, Bengaluru.

Kruti R

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For examining the differences between the performances of prasangas in Yakshagana that are presented in shorter durations and those that continue through the night. The project will study how this variation in time affects pedagogy, the training of Bhagavatas and actors, and the conceptual and aesthetic concerns of the form as it is performed and viewed. The outcome of this project will be a monograph.

Ganapathi Hoblidhar

Grant Period: over ten months

For support to organise a series of arts and afterschool programmes, as extended engagements for students, between the fourth and ninth grade, who have migrated from other states. UsingYakshagana, poetry, dance, theatre and forms of visual arts, the project seeks to encourage self-directed learning while dealing with displacement.

Soumya Sankar Bose

Grant Period: Over one year

For artistically representing the untold private lives of veteran Jatra artists, photographed while performing their beloved characters in costume within their quotidian environments. While the photographs push the boundaries of documentation and performance, raising questions about history and authenticity, they are also witnesses of the transforming face of Jatra. The outcome will be an exhibition of these photographs where some Jatra artists will talk about their experiences dressed as characters.

Roma Chatterji

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For examining the ways in which modern forms of storytelling such as animation and the graphic novel and their traditional counterparts in the folk and tribal arts, are turning to each other for new modes of expressions, subjects, and audiences to expand their practices. The researcher will focus on the works of the Chitrakar community of Medinipur, West Bengal and the Pradhan Gonds of Madhya Pradesh; and also study recent collaborations between graphic novelists and folk artists. The outcome of this project will be a monograph.

Gururaj L

Grant Period: over ten months

For a grant to extend his earlier project, where students across grades in the school will work towards a folk theatre performance. While the students will learn various art forms from local artists and communities they live with, this project will bring together the entire school – the teachers, parents and school administration – to strengthen the relationship between the school experience and community lives.

Gayatri Kodikal

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For the development of a game-art environment, by a moving image artist, based on the speculations around the remains of Queen Ketevan of Georgia in Goa. Using archival materials, the project aims to question the legitimacy of proof in the reading of history, while experimenting with the limits of film, games and the digital media. The outcome of the project will be an installation that will allow interaction between traditional board games and interactive screen games, ideally, situated in a gallery.

Zubeni Lotha

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For research to study the construction of identity by representation through photographic images. The project will focus on the photographs of the Konyak Nagas by ethnologist Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf, that is responsible for creating the archetypal Naga stereotype. The outcome of this research will be an exhibition.

Lakshminarayana T

Grant Period: over ten months

For the creation of a supportive environment for the eighth and ninth grade Urdu speaking local students, to develop positive self-identity through studying their own histories, and cultures through the literary arts, music and visual arts. The non local students will also be encouraged to participate, in order to appreciate the culture within which the school functions.

Pallavi Paul and Sahej Rahal

Grant Period: Over one year

For an experimental HD video film on the Mars One project that aims to set up the first human settlement in Mars. Referencing the works of Jules Verne and Franklin Story Musgrave, the video will include scientific reports, plans, charts, confessional videos, personal journals, popular cinema clips and clips of varying audio frequencies interspersed with interviews with future astronauts. The artists also plan to create an exhibition and performance from the material created and gathered for the video.

Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO)

Grant Period: Over one year and six months

For a film exploring the musical traditions of the Old Town in Ladakh as a representative of life and connections between generations, through oral histories, archival data, investigation of Monastic festivals and interviews with young contemporary musicians.

Arghya Basu

Grant Period: Over eight months

For a series of workshops with the multiethnic communities of the eastern Himalayan regions of Sikkim and northern parts of West Bengal. It is a collaborative and multidisciplinary project that involves local music, myths and traditions dealt with in a manner that pushes the artistic boundaries of cinema. Described as an ‘interdependent cinema project’, the workshops will lead to a film, a graphic novel, a music album and finally a documentary installation exhibition.